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WHO expert states, mobile tower radiation causes no ‘health hazards’

New Delhi, India, 05 December, 2013

  • Schools, hospitals safest to install mobile phone towers

  • Finds Indian radiation norm of one tenth of global standard lowest and safest

Prof (Dr.) Michael Repacholi, Radiation Expert & the first Coordinator of World Health Organization’s Radiation and Environmental Health Unit, known for initiating the International EMF Project at WHO in Geneva in 1995, who ison a maiden visit to Indiareleased a book titled “Mobile Phones and Public Health - Myths and Reality” specially to address the misconceptions, concerns, fears related to mobile tower radiations.

Prof (Dr.) Repacholi, who is also the Chairman Emeritus of International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection(ICNIRP) said at the book launch, “From all the high quality studies that have been published and the reviews of all the studies by international and national public health authorities, it can be safely concluded that it has not been established that mobile phones/ towers use causes or is associated with any health risks”

When asked about increasing fear of brain tumors and cancer because of radiation from cellphone towers, Repacholiemphasized WHO studies have already proven that mobile phones do not affect human health. Cancer or brain tumor apart, it doesn't cause even headaches or sleep disorder.

“I’m mighty impressed to learn that Indian government radiation norm to be one tenth of global standard which are by far lowest and safest in the world,” said an overwhelmed Prof (Dr.) Repacholi.

“A person absorbs five times more RF from FM radio or television than the base station tower. Mobile tower radiation is lower compared to RF emissions from radio FM or television. The base station and wireless technology signals are too weak and modulation effects occur at much higher intensity levels,” Prof (Dr.) Repacholi said while interacting with the media after releasing the book.

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Prof (Dr.) Repacholi said, “The radiation waves always orbit on the same levels and do not come downwards. Hence, there is no possibility of causing harm to people.” He also dismissed the views that mobile radiation levels higher than the prescribed limit can have ill effects on human health.

He added that speaking on a mobile phone (held against the ear) increases the brain's temperature by less than 0.1 degrees Celsius. "It is not alarming at all," re-stressing that mobile phones and towers cannot cause headaches, nausea and sleep disorders

“The emission levels are prescribed and monitored by WHO in consultation with other UN bodies like International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and an academic body of physicists, International Commission for Non Ionizing radiation protection (ICNIRP). Across the world and government of each country adopts these standards to the best of their knowledge addressing public healthconcerns.Theseorganizations monitor the situation across the globe on this sector and regularly come out with fact sheets and advisories from time to time”, he said.

Prof (Dr.)Repacholi has also contributed a chapter in the book. ‘Mobile Phones and Public Health - Myths and Reality’ is the first ever compilation of scientific facts, various studies and researches conducted by most credible national and international scientists of revered scientific bodies/ research institutes/ health organizations like Prof. VasantNatarajan, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Prof. SusantaSen, Institute of Radio Physics and Electronics, University of Kolkata, Dr K.S Parthasarathy, Former Secretary, Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Dr. Jack Rowley and Dr. BhavinJankharia. The book is edited and compiled by veteran Journalist & Columnist Ravi V S Prasad and published by New Delhi based Har-Anand Publications.

Chairman of Har-Anand Publications Mr. Narendra Kumar said: “We are a publishing house with contemporary issues at our heart and we recognise a book must give insight to the issues of concern to people at large. Mobile Phones and Public Health - Myths and Reality is one such step in this direction”.

“Scientific studies from all over the world failed to prove any adverse effects from use of mobile phones and towers. Their energy emissions are one-thousandth of the energy from sunlight, and so can’t impact on health. Further, Indian Standards are ten times more stringent than the already strict international norms, which in turn are one- fiftieth of the level at which there can be any impact of health. It is most unfortunate that alarmist reports have appeared in the mass media, which are not based on any medical or scientific facts. Both World Health Organization (WHO) and Delhi Medical Association have stated that there are no adverse health effects”, stated Ravi V S Prasad- the editor of the book


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