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Increased bandwidth to make data accessible to all the segments of the market

.....IMImobile OPENHOUSE acts as a bridge between telecom networks on one side and businesses, developers, and service providers on the other side. It unleashes the power of the mobile medium for businesses and opens up new revenue streams for operators.......

Vishwanath Alluri, Founder & CEO, IMImobile

India now has 2G, 3G & 4G networks. How is IMImobile addressing all segments of the market?

IMImobile is a leading global specialist provider of mobile data platform and services to telecom operators and enterprises. IMImobile is best poised to leverage these advanced networks with higher bandwidth by providing increasingly sophisticated technology solutions to operators and enterprises which go much beyond traditional voice or messaging services. Increased bandwidth will now make data accessible to all the segments of the market. With the emergence of 3G and 4G services, the higher bandwidth will enable delivery of rich and interactive services over super-fast telecom networks. This would usher in another revolution in the telecom space and greater subscriber engagement across India. For enterprises, IMImobile leverages innovations in network and web technologies to provide solutions for customer engagement and mobilizing IT systems for enhanced productivity.

Recently you launched OPENHOUSE, a cloud based platform. What is this product and what is the technology used for running this product?

IMImobile OPENHOUSE is a secure, cloud-based mobile engagement (m-Engagement) platform currently live in India. IMImobile OPENHOUSE acts as a bridge between telecom networks on one side and businesses, developers, and service providers on the other side. It unleashes the power of the mobile medium for businesses and opens up new revenue streams for operators.

IMImobile OPENHOUSE will now allow businesses to quickly setup and launch multi-channel customer engagement and employee productivity services. Developers can now use standards-compliant APIs to incorporate mobility into their applications and services. Marketers, enterprises, and developers can now quickly and easily create and launch services, applications and campaigns. IMImobile OPENHOUSE also enables telecom operators to open up their network for innovation and monetize their hitherto dormant network assets, thus increasing their ARPUs and opening up new revenue streams from upstream customers.

OPENHOUSE is built on IMImobile’s award winning core modular platform called the DaVinci Evolved Service Platform built and perfected over the last 12 years. This platform is hosted in the cloud and deployed across six data centers in Asia, Europe and the Americas on over 1,200 high-end servers centrally managed, monitored and upgraded from its VNOC in Hyderabad. IMImobile has built on top of this platform a suite of solutions that allow operators and enterprises to drive revenue generation, mobile marketing, self-care, customer acquisition, customer retention and customer engagement through the mobile device.

What are the Key Features of this product?

IMImobile OPENHOUSE lays the foundation for establishing a vibrant marketplace for innovative business applications. OPENHOUSE is a platform that offers two types of services: Business Tools and APIs. Business Tools, aimed at enterprises of all sizes, are ready-to-use services, which are easy to use even for a first-time user through a self-serve web interface. On the other hand, developers can use APIs to directly incorporate mobile operator connectivity and IMImobile OPENHOUSE’s platform capabilities within their business applications. The APIs comply with the latest industry standard protocols, so innovative services can be created without having to learn proprietary protocols or technologies.

How this will help Telecom operators in generating more revenues?

Mobile operators around the world are facing increasing competition from over-the-top (OTT) providers and device manufacturers (OEMs). As applications and phones become less dependent on the network itself, operators risk losing out on opportunities. At the same time, they need to continue investing in network capacity augmentation and technology upgrades.

OPENHOUSE helps operators take on this challenge. By opening up the network as a set of programmable resources, they can unlock the latent value of their network assets.

Businesses, advertisers, developers and other ecosystem partners benefit from such an open model, generating new revenue streams for telecom operators.

  • Increase network traffic
    An operator will be at the centre of all business innovation including customer interaction, employee communication, audience engagement and product promotions. These multiple possibilities attract more users, which will increase network traffic and their ROI.

  • Exploit network intelligence
    We help operators monetize subscriber data without comprising on the privacy of its subscribers. We take the subscribers’ data (implicit and explicit) anonymize it, aggregate it and then make it available for businesses. This data coupled with multi-channel messaging, commands premium pricing. It provides unprecedented consumer intelligence and tremendous value to businesses and marketers.

  • Foster innovation and unlock new revenue streams
    While conventional Value Added Services (VAS) departments wait for the next innovative application from traditional sources, OPENHOUSE provides a platform for innovation. Our open API model combined with the operators’ reach and the corresponding revenue opportunities attracts developers and unleashes the next wave of innovation.

How this product will act as a bridge between networks and developers?

Developers building customized solutions for their clients or mass products for a larger audience, need to incorporate mobile technologies within their solutions / products. IMImobile OPENHOUSE allows them to do this and build services that are device agnostic.

  • Build bi-directional SMS services
    Through IMImobile’s Messaging APIs combined with shortcodes, virtual numbers and keywords, developers can build bi-directional SMS text messaging into their products and solutions.

  • Create voice applications
    Through IMImobile OPENHOUSE’s virtual IVR platform and Voice APIs, developers can seamlessly integrate voice into their products and solutions. This helps the developers create personalized and effective communication.

  • Leverage social media
    Through IMImobile OPENHOUSE’s Social APIs, pre-integrated with multiple social networking media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Picassa and Flickr, developers can now discover new ways to create innovative solutions.

Will this product be only for Indian market or it will address the global audience?

IMImobile OPENHOUSE is currently Live in India but it will soon be launched globally, one region at a time. The underlying DaVinci platform is already integrated with over 96 telecom operator in 72 countries with its services accessible to over one billion subscribers and dozens of blue chip enterprises and media companies worldwide.


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